President of Organization – “Miss Kausar Jahan Farooqui”

Rizq Foundation was established in 2017 registered under joint stock companies,  sindh, Karachi. “The best way to find the soul in you is to lose yourself in the service of others”
Our standard of “Rizq Foundation” is Service to Humanity for seeking delight of Creator of humanity.

The standard states that this movement is a pledge not a straightforward volunteerism and we believe in management without division of shade, zone or religion. The standard in which we look at serving to humanity has an essential effect on real show of assistance activities.

Accepting that we acknowledge that moving is a volunteer movement to be gained by a single or a get together with the end goal of humanity infers that we are free to help others while using our own resources and physical powers. We are free when to capacity and when to give up the development. It is our will to give or decrease to give. Thus no force other than our behavior or availability is behind us to move for this assistance capacity.

In a supplemental standard where we acknowledge that we are urged by a serious commitment to additional in the range of a chance and money for the benefit of others will have a remarkable driving force for this movement. We acknowledge that we are mindful to some individual to be sure, for these clearly volunteer activities will change the whole scenario. This is the illustration for why our volunteer workers are ready all the times for all people whatsoever the spots without any detachment and without any necessity of normal benefit.

Our fundamental quality is infringing number of strong, beneficent workers and at the top we acknowledge huge measure of trust of our providers and beneficiaries.

General Secretary – “Mr. Ali Raza”

I feel honored and privileged as a general secretary of RIZQ FOUNDATION that will be formally known as Rizq Foundation. Rizq Foundation is doing well being a non political and non profitable organization. Being a development partner of international donors, Rizq Foundation have venture to promote and intellectual society that is based on values of humanity and social justice, exchanges and acceptance of ideas, stand against prejudice and suspicions.

There is no denying the fact that Rizq Foundation have appropriate plane of action and team of experts who have multidisciplinary approach for achieving their assigned targets and every person is ready to tackles his job with this slogan ”we will do our best effort for welfare and betterment of mankind”.

I am satisfied that along with my organization’s General Secretary and administrative team, we are determined to promote a friendly atmosphere and development of peaceful society through dialogue, debates and discussions amongst the various community and religious groups.

In short the Rizq Foundation aspires to bring a tremendous change in society to interact, establish organizational contacts, develop human capital through extension of knowledge and creativity and this organization will act as a leader and step forward in way towards excellence. Give us your trust; we will give you a peaceful and violence free society with this slogan “peace for creature”.